Ascendant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ascendant:

Then, in the 1980s, an ascendant conservative movement began a blistering rhetorical assault on what Ronald Reagan called the “dreaded l-word.”

If this YOLO GameStop saga has taught us anything, it’s that we’re glimpsing an ascendant force in the markets with the power to exert incredible pain on the old guard.

As far as campaign songs go, Bobi Wine’s hits all the right notes—an infectious, joyous message of hope reborn and national unity ascendant, interwoven with campaign pledges set to a rollicking, gospel infused reggae beat.

It was the first decision of the Council’s new 8-1 Democratic super majority, revealing divisions within an an ascendant liberal coalition that nonetheless has near uniform control over city government.

Ultimately, finding the Emperor's cause in the ascendant, he cast aside hesitation and threw in his lot with him.

The High Church party were then in the ascendant, and Abbot, from various causes, declined from favour.

It was Jem Deady in the custody of his wife, who was now in the ascendant.

In 1784, the Foxite administration fell, and Pitt was in the ascendant.

He has written a large number of short sketches and more extended novels, and his talent is still in the ascendant.

Fortunately, however, for our national welfare and our national character, better counsels are at length in the ascendant.