Ascended [verb]

Definition of Ascended:

go up

Synonyms of Ascended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascended:

Sentence/Example of Ascended:

After a couple of hours of gradual ascending, the guides stop us for lunch next to a massive plate of buckling slick rock.

Every year, several free divers die from shallow water blackout, a condition that occurs when someone ascends from a deep dive but doesn’t quite make it to the surface, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain.

He had been a Gold Glove finalist who finished sixth in Rookie of the Year voting, a sign that he may ascend up the order and meet the hype of his arrival.

Fast-forward to 1980, when Ronald Reagan became America’s first divorced person to ascend to the presidency.

The path appeared to ascend into infinity, like the Penrose stairs.

What’s unique about this crop of players is how quickly they’ve ascended.

While some birds make lots of noise with their wings as they ascend—pigeons, for example, make such a kerfuffle as their feathers rub against one another that most folks assume they’re hearing the bird vocalize—owls are almost preternaturally quiet.

When Harrington first tried the 100-foot pitch, it took her two and a half hours to ascend.

He said he worried for years that as Democrats ascended, they’d eventually resort to political cannibalism.

Next, I ascended a series of steep stone stairs to get to the petroglyphs and sat in silence among them for a long while.