Ascendency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ascendency:

Her lofty dreams gained a daily increasing ascendency over her character.

She had involuntarily gained that entire ascendency over his whole being which made her the world to him.

The mob, headed by the Jacobins, had now the complete ascendency, and he was minister but in name.

Danton, Marat, and Robespierre were now in the ascendency, riding with resistless power upon the billows of mob violence.

Traffic by sea was the great source of their wealth; ascendency on the sea the great object of their ambition.

One may easily imagine the ascendency which this woman must have had over those who came in contact with her.

One does not gain chieftainship of any kind in the West without propping his ascendency with acts of ruthless decision.

Crawley returned to their old relation, and was cowed by the natural ascendency of the greater spirit.

The Girondists were in the ascendency and had restored order.

It's my belief, that the blow has given her such an ascendency of blood to the head as she'll never get the better from.