Ascendent [adjective]

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Horoscopo; in horoscopo, within that part of the sky considered as the ascendent, A. ii.

But as we moved on down the shore, presently there came the night sounds from the country, frogs' voices in the ascendent.

The theological element was distinctly ascendent and I, though a daughter of Levi, did not like it.

The ascendent is that point of the zodiacal circle which is seen to be just ascending above the horizon at a given moment.

To know the right time, it was necessary to observe the ascendent (see note to l. 1268).

Outside of his official duties his passion for work again gained the ascendent.

At all howers (the Sunne shining) the Signe and Degree ascendent, may be knowen.

But when one's evil star is in the ascendent, precautions are like the vain strugglings of the fly in the web.

The latter is here meant; Aries being the ascendent sign, Scorpio was below the horizon, and beyond the western 'angle.'

This principle worked well so long as the faith was in the ascendent but its effect was disastrous when decline began.