Ascending [verb]

Definition of Ascending:

go up

Synonyms of Ascending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascending:

Sentence/Example of Ascending:

The rays of the ascending sun were bright upon it: and the superb palace of the Spanish kings shone in its fullest splendour.

As the girl spoke, footsteps were heard ascending the creaky wooden stair.

For some time previously he had been devoting himself more especially to ascending to as great a height as possible.

On the way down-stairs Laidlaw and his little companion passed a tall gentleman and two ladies who were ascending.

I prefer the principle of the ascending and descending scale, to such an amount of fixed duty.

Moreover, the passes in ascending the Andes and Cordillera can only be correctly imagined by experienced travellers.

In this case the sea end of the bar is descending and the land end ascending.

Up the tube vapours may be seen ascending at great speed, the whole appearing like a gigantic pillar of swiftly revolving smoke.

A vigorous, frantic kick with both legs at once released him, and he felt himself slowly re-ascending to the surface.

It was quite two miles to the ascending road at the foot of the mountain range that divided the great valley.