Ascents [noun]

Definition of Ascents:

upward movement

Synonyms of Ascents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascents:

Sentence/Example of Ascents:

A turbocharged, 900-cubic-centimeter, three-cylinder engine generates more than enough torque to tackle steep ascents or leave rooster tails of dirt flying in your wake.

I was already feeling depleted by the time I veered into the woods for a trundling ascent of Vault Hill.

Stripe began its ascent to the top of the charts in 2016 and 2017 when it sat behind Dropbox with a $6 billion valuation in 2016 and around $8 billion in 2017.

If you look at our game-by-game Elo ratings, the current version of the Nationals may have started its ascent comparatively earlier than last year’s did, in terms of how many games it took for the turnaround to begin.

On Sunday, we explored the ways that the American Fringes are bubbling up to become the mainstream of tomorrow — defining the extreme ideologies at war, their sordid histories and how technology has aided their ascent.

Except for their sad errand, both Felipe and Aunt Ri would have experienced a keen delight in this ascent.

One bookseller's shop, where books are extravagantly dear, exists in the low town, and one other in the ascent to the upper.

It is, in fact, watery vapour drawn from the air next the surface of the ocean, and condensed in its ascent through the tube.

In its ascent the air is cooled, rarefied, and to a great extent deprived of its moisture.

My daughter is rather a good mountaineer, and Miss Stirling is just as anxious to make the ascent.