Ascertaining [verb]

Definition of Ascertaining:

make sure

Synonyms of Ascertaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascertaining:

Sentence/Example of Ascertaining:

For the purpose of ascertaining the Board's powers in this connection the opinion of the Attorney General has been requested.

Ascertaining what had happened, some went to the church, and the governor arrested others.

Meurin had special facilities for ascertaining how men diabolise; the island of Mauritius has enjoyed many privileges of Infernus.

At least, we can come a good deal nearer ascertaining the latter than the former.

During the passage, which lasted seven weeks, Newton had ample opportunity of ascertaining his situation.

It is, I think, necessary to limit the depth as a factor for ascertaining the number to be accommodated.

At first the small canoes came near us, for the purpose of ascertaining who and what we were.

A judicial inquiry had taken place at St. Malo, for the purpose of ascertaining what had become of the coast-guardman, number 619.

What reasons actuated the Inca we have no means of ascertaining.

A correct observation of these hillock-chains affords a most certain scale for ascertaining the direction of the prevailing wind.