Ascertainments [noun]

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Google Analytics is a web analytics product from Google that has helped a lot of digital marketers and website owners ascertain the performance of their website.

To ascertain if the vomeronasal receptors were different from the smell receptors that Axel and Buck discovered, I made a library of the genes expressed by every individual neuron in the mouse VNO.

Claudit seemed, none the less, to experience great relief from this first ascertainment.

In fact no test for its ascertainment, known to the sense or experience of the Committee, was omitted.

It would save a world of trouble if the expressions in which this idea is said to be conveyed were equally easy of ascertainment.

Those who look for such ascertainment are on a wrong track, and are doomed to disappointment.

These, then, are the rules which govern the ascertainment of the shares of the members of a family on a partition.

But for the particular purpose of conducting discovery with a view to ascertainment of fact, the latter relations are fundamental.

So far concerning the ascertainment of truth alone, in intangible regions of inquiry.

And its various manners of being one suggest, for their accurate ascertainment, so many distinct programs of scientific work.