Ascertains [verb]

Definition of Ascertains:

make sure

Synonyms of Ascertains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ascertains:

Sentence/Example of Ascertains:

One frequently wishes to ascertain the specific gravity of quantities of fluid too small to float an urinometer.

"We must endeavour to ascertain where Gordon is," replied Mr. Carr, as he re-enclosed the letter in his pocket-book.

No one outside the rebel camp could ever ascertain the exact number of prisoners, which was kept secret.

No one could ascertain exactly in what capacity he found himself near the fighting-line.

The attendant stooped over the bed to ascertain, and nodded in the affirmative.

This experiment was made to ascertain the progress and subsequent effects of the disease when thus propagated.

In the purchase of tobacco, it is a principal thing to ascertain how much or how little Temprano a parcel contains.

Probably, therefore, it was buried at Cheneys; but it is worth a Query to ascertain the fact.

To ascertain the exciting causes of epileptic seizures with exactitude is usually a matter of very great difficulty.

Examine carefully the form of the needle, and try the hook, to ascertain that it is perfectly smooth.