Ascetic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ascetic:

Having carefully set up the circumstances of his narrative within a viscerally realistic place and time, he lets it all unfold with an almost ascetic sparseness of dialogue.

His cowl was thrown back, revealing his pale, ascetic countenance and shaven head.

Take him in repose, and he looked a lank ascetic who dreamed of a happy land where flagellation was a joy and pain a panacea.

In appearance, Terry was an ill-adjusted compromise between an ascetic and a young man about town.

The Nazarenes are archological and ascetic; the Dsseldorf school is insipid in a modern way, feeble, colourless, and sentimental.

His philosophy had   made him neither an ascetic nor an anchorite.

Here and there is a pale ascetic, with a look of agony on his emaciated face.

The desire to touch and conquer the hand beside his almost overpowered him, despite his ascetic musing.

They drove silently up the hill, until the long, ascetic building loomed up before them.

His life was that of an ascetic enthusiast, profoundly impressed with the greatness and dignity of his mission.