Asceticisms [noun]

Definition of Asceticisms:

restraint from desires, especially physical desires

Synonyms of Asceticisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asceticisms:

Sentence/Example of Asceticisms:

Hunger and penury had carved lines as easy to read in her face as the traces of asceticism and fear.

He renounces asceticism, and wanders to a spot more congenial to his changed views and condition.

As a grass blade if badly grasped cuts the arm, badly practised asceticism leads to hell.

Coming after a period of colour asceticism, Prudhon was the first to show a fine feeling for colour.

It is towards that men will strain themselves with the asceticism of saints.

(Literary Remains, p. 25, where there are some striking stories in condemnation of asceticism).

Accompanying this asceticism we find an extraordinary revival of the grossest superstition.

But they practised an excessive asceticism and were apt to abandon their work in order to live as hermits.

We mean rather a more stringent abstemiousness, which may be called separation from the world, or asceticism.

Ruskin calls this a narrow asceticism; perhaps it was rather the result of a very subtle aestheticism.