Ascetics [noun]

Definition of Ascetics:

man who devotes life to contemplation of god

Synonyms of Ascetics:

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Sentence/Example of Ascetics:

It is obvious that between the ascetics of the monastery and the Classicists direct friction must ensue.

And I am not one of those ascetics whom every mouthful they swallow seems to choke.

Some ascetics have faith in the lot,—like the Moravians in ordering marriage, or Wesley in opening his Bible to light upon texts.

Certainly he was a hermit not without wealth, and perhaps therefore not one of your sad-eyed ascetics.

The profound truth which is perceived by the ascetics is that the creative energy of sex can be transformed into other activities.

One group—which includes most of the female ascetics—hates Cupid because he has never shown to them any favour.

Thus, in a mutilated form, it seems these early Christian ascetics gained some of the immaterial benefits of marriage.

The other group—embracing the majority of male ascetics—curse him because he never leaves them in peace.

And, O king, food also of the best kind was formerly given by thee unto ascetics both houseless and living in domesticity!

What do we gain by living in the asylum of ascetics, thus deprived of virtue, pleasure, and profit?