Ascribable [adjective]

Definition of Ascribable:

capable of being traced

Synonyms of Ascribable:

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Sentence/Example of Ascribable:

Making allowance for this the proportion of taxes on wealth really ascribable to the year 1919 rises to 80.6 per cent.

They are not ascribable to the purely intellectual movement alone, though it is no doubt an essential factor.

The glory of saving the situation is principally ascribable to San Martn.

And is not this change proximately ascribable to this habitual self-dependence?

Yet these, except for minute variations ascribable to the earth's altered position, were unaffected!

Of the increased deaths, 700,000 were ascribable to insufficient nourishment, mainly in the last two years of war.

Again, the adynamia of malarial attacks is generally ascribable to some cause not essential to those affections.

It is every day disputed whether in war success is ascribable to conduct or to fortune.

Perhaps to some extent this is ascribable to the influence of the genius loci.

Who could say whether his silence were ascribable to the absence of danger, or to his own absence?