Ascribed [verb]

Definition of Ascribed:

assign to source

Synonyms of Ascribed:

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Sentence/Example of Ascribed:

It is not, however, the incident in itself that is now referred to, but only the formality ascribed to it in the narrative.

He evinced the opposite of the temper usually ascribed to the “Shepherd-boy” —a birth-date by Ex.

Yet he seems not to admit the function ascribed to it, and asserts that it is in many cases wanting.

Others muttered that the event which all good men lamented was to be ascribed to unprincipled ambition.

It must, however, be ascribed chiefly to the moment of its presentation rather than to any superlative merit in the drama.

Others have ascribed it to Agricola, or have thought it to be the wall of Hadrian, or even assigned it to pre-Roman natives.

It may be thought, perhaps, that the variety of senses ascribed to the word harmonia goes beyond what is probable.

Events which short-sighted politicians ascribed to earthly causes had been ordained on his account.

While an attempt is made to undermine his claim to wisdom, it will incidentally appear that wisdom was ascribed to him.

Assuredly the Ancients would have ascribed this phenomenon to the intervention of an Immortal.