Ascribing [verb]

Definition of Ascribing:

assign to source

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Sentence/Example of Ascribing:

Not everyone naturally ascribes to these Type A tendencies — and honestly, that’s a good thing — but if there’s one place we should all consider being a bit more goal-oriented, I’d argue it’s cooking.

Randomness plays a big role in baseball, so there’s always a danger in ascribing success to specific factors and strategies.

Like Kurtz’s work, the UCSF paper turned heads by ascribing memory-like properties to simple immune cells that lack the diverse antigen receptors of B and T cells.

In early English literature there was at one time a tendency to ascribe to Solomon various proverbs not in the Bible.

Cobdenites ascribe every known or imagined improvement in commerce, and the condition of the masses, to Free Trade.

Consequently, we could not ascribe these deaths to a desire for plunder on the part of some unknown person.

The short delay of my answer, you must ascribe on this occasion not to lazyness but to despondency.

What then are the musical forms to which Plato and Aristotle ascribe this remarkable efficacy?

But it would be unjust and inconsiderate to ascribe this want of productivity to the disposition called laziness.

And to whom are we to ascribe their hostile disposition, unless to the traitors of St. Louis?