Ascriptions [noun]

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The first of these divisions begins, and the last ends, with an exclamatory ascription of thanks to God.

Anthropopathism, an-thro-pop′a-thizm, n. the ascription to the Deity of human passions and affections—also Anthropop′athy.

This ascription of extraordinary powers to ordinary people is another sign that affection is pushing common sense from his throne.

Major, Mr. Brown insists, is "the sole authority for the ascription to James of the vernacular poems."

Spencer has always, in my opinion with full right, repudiated the ascription of materialism.

After a period of ascription to Titian, this portrait is now re-assigned to Palma; see below, p. 315.

Its ascription to Botticelli's own hand is, however, questioned by many critics.

Little is known of his life, and the ascription of various works to him is conjectural.

Internal evidence makes this ascription impossible, nor does the epistle itself lay any claim to such authorship.

Yet false criticism has been as prodigal to him in the ascription of beauty, as parsimonious and unjust to many others.