Asepsis [noun]

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It is without doubt an ideal food for any climate where concentration is desirable and asepsis cannot be neglected.

Unless strict asepsis be maintained, these lacerations of course form a channel for infection of the pelvic cellular tissue.

The spot through which the needle is passed is first touched with the electro-cautery to ensure asepsis.

That there is always great difficulty in maintaining strict asepsis of the foot, more especially if it is a hind one.

It consists solely in maintaining a rigid asepsis of the parts until healing is well advanced or complete.

The material on which the animal has to stand is a distinct bar to the maintaining of a strict asepsis.

Immediately a wound is inflicted in this position, attempts should be made to insure thorough asepsis of the part.

Daily irrigation done in a manner that practical asepsis is carried out, is necessary for about a week.

Provided asepsis is maintained, the middle-ear inflammation usually subsides rapidly with healing of the membrane.

Provided asepsis has been maintained, this small operation seldom gives rise to any inflammatory reaction.