Aseptic [adjective]

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They understood the principles of aseptic surgery very well.

Almost needless to say these are exactly the principles of aseptic surgery.

Open the thorax with all aseptic precautions, and collect as much blood as possible from the heart with a sterile Pasteur pipette.

Remove as much of its blood as possible from the heart under aseptic precautions into sterilized centrifuge tubes.

Neither was any serious attempt made to render the instruments, operating table, and surroundings of the patients, aseptic.

It is advisable to first render aseptic the seat of operation, and to sterilize both the needle and the syringe by boiling.

The whole of the foot must then be thoroughly cleansed, and rendered as nearly aseptic as possible.

The Japanese did not discover aseptic surgery, but they were the first to put it to actual test in a large way.

In all cases this operation is done by observing strict aseptic precautions and the legs are, of course, bandaged.

(ii) It is also suitable for large, recently made, fairly aseptic wounds in the globe.