Ashamed [adjective]

Definition of Ashamed:

regretting, remorseful

Opposite/Antonyms of Ashamed:

Sentence/Example of Ashamed:

The dog stood with hanging head and tail, as if ashamed he had let so many of his enemies get away unharmed.

Be ashamed of upbraiding speeches before friends: and after thou hast given, upbraid not.

And then Jolly Robin would feel ashamed that he had even thought of being so cruel to an infant bird, even if he was a Cowbird.

But she was very much ashamed of you—and so was I; and at last we all sent Captain Lovelock after you to bring you back.

A certain great authority once said that if he had made it he would have been ashamed of it.

He sat down again, ashamed, mortified, angry with himself for behaving like a fool and a boy.

And the team moved on, and poor Dolly, more ashamed of her errand than ever, went into the house.

Embarrassed and ashamed, she was obliged to confess that her knowledge of the language was confined to one quotation.

He had never performed an official act of which he was more ashamed; nor can words properly express her amazement.

Shuter, one day meeting a friend with his coat patched at the elbow, observed, he should be ashamed of it.