Ashen [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ashen:

His hair was darker—almost brown save at the temples, where age had faded it to an ashen colour.

His face is ashen gray; the black beard is streaked with red, and blood is oozing from his neck.

Lamb saw an ashen-face bespectacled man peering around the corner of an ell.

They paused, aghast, and they turned ashen; and then in the mind of each arose the same explanation of this phenomenon.

His good-looking young face turned to an ashen hue, and his eyes were wild and staring.

Not even then was there the slightest alteration in those ashen grey features.

In a minute she reappeared in the doorway, her face ashen-white, and called to the little boy.

And at the exclamation, and sight of the iron mood written on Longsword's face, Eybek's bronzed face turned ashen pale.

Before the solemn force of Nita's frenzied adjuration, the old man started and grew ashen pale.

With bowed head and ashen features, he remained in deep thought several minutes, while Nita waited in keen anxiety.