Ashes [noun]

Definition of Ashes:

powder remains after a fire

Synonyms of Ashes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ashes:


Sentence/Example of Ashes:

He thrust the Cardinal's mantle into it, and stood over the smouldering cloth, till the whole was consumed to ashes.

The Seneschal stood with blanched face and gaping mouth, his fire all turned to ashes before the passion of this gaunt man.

Bridgewater, Mass., invaded by the Indian enemy, and 17 buildings laid in ashes.

He stirred the smoldering ashes till the broiled fowl began to sizzle afresh.

The boy took a piece of wood and covered it with a paste made of ashes and oil.

The brick flues and top of the bricks were covered with ashes just level with the ground.

But at that insult Garnache's brain seemed to take fire, and his cautious resolutions were reduced to ashes by the conflagration.

The upper surfaces of the boilers were covered with a layer of ashes for the same purpose.

Then with the potatoes we've roasted in the ashes and plenty of bread and butter and a pot of coffee—Well, words fail.

The cloud coals grow fainter—now purple; and now in ashes they float away into the chill blue.