Ashier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ashier:

His face was of an ashy whiteness; the veins of his brow stood out; his dry lips were drawn.

A mist came before his eyes, the cold sweat stood upon his ashy face, his limbs failed him, and he sunk upon his knees.

It was a pandemonium which horribly frightened the Mexican rancheros, and made Coronado's dark cheek turn to an ashy yellow.

They were obviously panic-stricken, one or two of them being of an ashy-yellow, their nearest possible approach to pallor.

He was worn and thin, his beard was white, and the once dark features wore "a sort of grey, ashy halo."

The child's dilated black eyes fixed themselves upon him, and her lips, drawn back a little from her teeth, turned ashy white.

Accordingly the ashy light is the reflection of our own sent back to us by the Moon.

Her dark hair was limp and uncurled, and her lips were as ashy as her face.

It is of a dark brown colour above, that colour peculiar to most of the hawk tribe, while its lower parts are ashy white.

Clare arose in the light of a dawn that was ashy and furtive, as though associated with crime.