Ashore [adverb]

Definition of Ashore:

toward, onto land from water

Synonyms of Ashore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ashore:


Sentence/Example of Ashore:

This vessel, loaded with supplies, went ashore and was lost; and one hundred and twenty Japanese and three Dutchmen were drowned.

He has been ashore at Kum Kale and reports violent fighting and, for the time being, victory.

A few moments afterward he was seen dragging his own trunk ashore, while Mr. Hitchcock finished his story on the boiler deck.

I was right, so it seems, about getting ashore before the enemy could see to shoot out to sea.

There were machine guns here which wiped out the landing parties whenever they tried to get ashore North of the present line.

Frank leaped ashore and pushed the boat off, while Mayne held her by jamming the leeward oar into the mud.

He was at once offered (but wisely refused) his liberty, and later on he was put ashore at Balanga (Bataan).

It needed only an exertion of will for the soul to hurl the body ashore as wind drives paper; to waft it kite-fashion to the bank.

Mouton, probably at Port Mouton; so named, according to Lescarbot, because a drowned sheep came ashore there.

They did at first endeavour with their weapons to frighten us, who, lying ashore, deterred them from one of their fishing-places.