Asides [adverb]

Definition of Asides:

away from; to the side

Synonyms of Asides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asides:


Sentence/Example of Asides:

Then the door opened, the portiere was swept aside, and Anselme announced "Monsieur de Garnache."

Finally, let me ask the general reader to put aside all prejudice, and give both sides a fair hearing.

In withdrawing aside sorrow remaineth: and the substance of the poor is according to his heart.

He glanced aside, and saw an exceedingly pretty, dark face, which looked vaguely familiar.

The motherly woman received the babe instinctively and cast aside the travelling-rug in which he was enveloped.

It stands at one extreme of our currency, with a dollar of gold set aside behind each dollar of paper.

The machine penetrated everywhere, thrusting aside with its gigantic arm the feeble efforts of handicraft.

He stood aside, and bending from the waist he made a sweeping gesture towards the door with the hand that held his hat.

When we got down into the bottom Mac turned aside to the deep-worn trail and glanced sharply down at the ruts.

After all this the tobacco leaves may be laid aside for commercial exportation.