Askant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Askant:

The old woman looked askant and alarmed at the unexpected apparition.

Spirituality does not light it; evanescent dreams are its oil-lamps, often with wick askant in the socket.

The old woman looked up askant—the music of the voice that addressed her sounded harsh on her ear.

Christie, looking askant at the animal, explained: "A moose is an awesome beast—it's no like a mon!"

She was desperately conscious of me, watching me askant with the curiously commingled fear and trustfulness of a child.

A few quiet tears followed these brave words, and Grace looked at her askant, and began to do her justice.

The eyes are said "to be turned askant," or "to waver from side to side," or "the eyelids to be lowered and partly closed."

"I have lost the town records," stammered he, and he looked askant at the man like a fox caught near a hen-roost.

Gerard pondered these simple words, and eyed her askant, carrying the child with perfect ease.

Captain Jackman, in these few moments of pause in the talk, seemed to make an askant study of the commander, who sat opposite.