Askew [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Askew:

She was a woman of too much natural and acquired poise to remain askew under any shock.

Ivan Afanasiitch stood still a moment, groped after his cap, put it on askew, and went out without closing his mouth.

To one side a great metal cylinder lay askew a heap of rubbish.

It looked very forlorn sitting askew in its forks, with a pair of worn-out finnesko hanging over it.

When Askew died in 1774 they were offered to a collector for two thousand guineas, but the price was considered too large.

Slim was laboring sootily with the stove-pipe which Patsy had struck askew with a stick of wood.

The truth of the matter was that Perdita's world, which seemed so hopelessly askew to her, had an architectural defect.

For there was Tom all askew in his chair, his feet one way and his hands another, totally subdued.

Dinshaw stood with his hands on the bulwark, and looked down at the tug, his head askew like an observant fowl.

The man was in his shirt-sleeves, with his hat askew; the girl, shapeless and freckled, in a shapeless freckled dress.