Asking [adjective]

Definition of Asking:

wanting to know

Synonyms of Asking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asking:


Sentence/Example of Asking:

I didn't much like his offhand way of asking; not that it wasn't a perfectly legitimate query.

"From what I have heard, I think I may be free to discuss this," and she paused again, with her eyes asking that she may.

Such a betrayal led him upon the following day to send a note to Mrs. Chepstow, asking for an appointment.

Anchored at Imbros when I got a cable asking me what forces I shall need to carry right through to a finish.

A beggar asking alms under the character of a poor scholar, a gentleman put the question, Quomodo vales?

You don't mind asking Viola to take your name, but you consider it an insult if you are asked to take my name.

Asking his commands, the stranger said, 'I am one of the submarine inhabitants of this neighborhood.

You'll excuse my asking, but do you never talk to each other except through the medium of a third person?

She began asking questions about Bertha, how she looked, how old she was, and how she was dressed.

Several uneducated business men are said to have written to the Dean asking the Latin for what they think of the new Budget.