Aslant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aslant:

It was all breeze and freshness, and the sunlight struck picturesquely aslant the hill-sides.

Mr. Wilding raised one eyebrow and looked aslant at Trenchard, whose weather-beaten face was suddenly agrin with stupefaction.

The chinks were red with the outer glow, and a stream of mote-laden sunlight, aslant, came in at the companionway.

Even the Villa seemed to greet her, with the sun aslant on it; and the trees, trembling and weeping golden tears.

The color-bearers kept well to the front with their flags, closely furled, aslant backward over their shoulders.

The rain drove past him into the kitchen, aslant like threads of gold silk in the shine of the wreckwood fire.

Both had dark faces, set off by cloth caps, which were drawn down aslant over their brows.

Mrs. Rantzau stood on the upper deck in her dark blue dress, with the little toque coquettishly aslant on her head.

Jarrow appeared at the starboard break of the poop, his hands on his hips, a cigar aslant in his mouth.

It was nearly dark, but a shaft of light came down aslant between two tree-tops.