Asleep [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Asleep:

The Café tender was asleep in his chair; the porter had gone off; the sentinel alone kept awake on his post.

The sun shone and the birds sang, and the day was beautiful without when she at last fell asleep again.

Here Badorful rolled over upon his side, and was instantly fast asleep.

Upon this he went to bed again, fell asleep, and dreamed a fourth time as before.

The child asleep again, he laid it on its bed, and then sat far into the night thinking barrenly.

Judy, already tucked inside her mosquito-curtains, was nearly asleep.

His companions followed his example, and in spite of rain and mosquitoes were soon fast asleep.

And in the midst of his speculations, overpowered by fatigue, he fell asleep, and ate his breakfast next morning very happily.

The sentinel stood leaning against a tree, his head on his breast, apparently sound asleep.

Two-thirds of each Battalion were sound asleep in pools of mud and water—like corpses half buried!