Aspects [noun]

Definition of Aspects:

visible feature

Synonyms of Aspects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspects:


Sentence/Example of Aspects:

If now we turn to the higher aspects of form, such as symmetry and proportion, we encounter a difficulty.

Those of a more serious turn are apt to show a curious preference for the graver aspects of things.

Embodying in itself all the others, in some aspects of its character it presents these united in a singular and beauteous whole.

In such injunctions, it is implied that two things, or the same thing under two aspects, should be kept.

The clinical aspects of epilepsy are especially difficult to investigate with exactitude.

Or to speak more truly, the more pleasurable and splendid aspects of nature give me pain.

Under various aspects is the new heart presented as a Covenant sign.

It offers beautiful examples of his inspiration in depicting the lovely aspects of nature.

With a mind still vaguely running on the legal aspects of what she meant to do, she had bade the nurse follow her.

A lamp stood on the chimney-piece shedding its rays over the Muse in one of her most bewitching aspects.