Aspen [adjective]

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Walker, trembling like an aspen, owned to having sold the claim, but denied that the dust was false.

And she never took her eyes off Mr. Meadows, but belied her assumed firmness by quivering like an aspen leaf.

At last there came a fluttered confession, which made Teola Graves shiver like an aspen leaf.

But, alas, the nervous shock her mother had sustained made her hand tremble like an aspen leaf.

By the older writers the Aspen was the favourite simile for female loquacity.

Booverman sighted the hole, and then took his stance; but the cleek in his hand shook like an aspen.

Occasionally there is a grove of quaking aspen, and a few sour-berry bushes and some cedar.

Among the trees are the quaking aspen, Douglas spruce, Engelmann spruce, and subalpine fir.

He fumbled with aspen fingers in his breast, finally drawing forth an envelope.

It was watered by the stream which flowed past the Minneconjoux village, and well timbered with aspen, birch and pine.