Asperities [noun]

Definition of Asperities:

harshness; bad temper

Synonyms of Asperities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asperities:

Sentence/Example of Asperities:

"Nevertheless, the contrary is the case," replied Doa Encarnacion, with asperity.

Mr. D., accustomed to unrestrained license of tongue, retorted with great asperity, and much harshness of language.

Miss Carrington heard the bustle in the class, so she sat up and looked out over the room with asperity.

The orators of the opposition declaimed against him with great animation and asperity.

Yet her mother, at this, turned upon her with sudden asperity.

"Then come into my cabin again," said the Princess with pardonable asperity.

"I don't think this is the way to do things," said the Wall Street man with a touch of asperity.

Nothing could soften the asperity of her temper, or restrain her unreasonable exactions.

He was beloved greatly by the Irish nation, in spite of his asperity, parsimony, and bad temper.

"You are 'beholden' to everybody who has befriended you," retorted the warden with rising asperity.