Asperses [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Asperses:

As for the company at the Wells, he would challenge every man at Epsom, if necessary, if he should dare to asperse his bravery.

We were not long in finding who it was that had been so base as to asperse the character of a family so harmless as ours.

Everything that rancour, low wit, and deplorable ignorance could conceive to asperse my government, was put in execution.

Superior excellence is the general mark for calumny; and envy is usually led to asperse what it cannot imitate.

Wait until your honest Evan comes back before you venture to asperse his lordship's deputy.'

I foresee that you, like an Orville, or a Mortimer, will suspect and asperse your mistress.

You may insult me; but you have no right to asperse the memory of my mother.

Now it is you that asperse the present, and I that will defend it.

Disease comes and war decimates; foul tongues asperse, and the unity that was perfect is so no longer.

That the assembly intended to asperse the right and constitutional administration of justice; and 7.