Aspersions [noun]

Definition of Aspersions:

verbal exhibition of bad temper

Synonyms of Aspersions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspersions:

Sentence/Example of Aspersions:

We shall say nothing as to the defects or merits of aspersion or sprinkling, immersion or dipping, affusion or pouring.

Dr Westcott is not the only English Mason who has suffered the undeserved indignity of gross aspersion from this unclean pen.

The very aspersion is grievous, which makes him choose his way in his life as he would in his journey.

Outwardly the latter method was successful; in two months the converts were so numerous that they had to be baptized by aspersion.

In fact, there was not a lady of the court at whom he did not cast some aspersion, not excepting his wife herself.

Mischievous Walter was, if the unquenchable avidity for excitement which reigns at fourteen entitles a boy to such an aspersion.

The manner in which he laid himself down at Mrs. Gallilee's feet completely refuted her aspersion on his temper.

An' ye didn't see no aspersion thet called fer a fight—in ther way them words teched you?

This is easily understood, without any aspersion on his veracity.

It always seems to me, by the way, that the term is an aspersion against the institution of marriage.