Asphalt [noun]

Definition of Asphalt:

bituminous substanced

Synonyms of Asphalt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asphalt:


Sentence/Example of Asphalt:

After breakfast he sauntered along the brief strip of asphalt which the villagers believe to be a promenade.

Felt covered with bitumen is an excellent substitute for asphalt, and is not liable to crack or squeeze out.

A damp-proof course has been introduced consisting of a thin sheet of lead sandwiched between layers of asphalt.

Asphalt (fig. 9) recently has come into great favour with architects; a layer or in.

"Lift Pete's forefoot—the off one, Joe," she commanded, stepping down into the asphalt court.

They need working; you can't do much with horses in town; the asphalt plays smash with their feet.

Here was no two-miles plod back again over the burning asphalt, slackening every nerve that had been braced up by the bathe.

There is nothing marvellous in this, for quarries of hard asphalt are numerous there.

Presently they rolled less perilously upon asphalt, though the equipage still lurched.

Every spoke and bar had been polished to the limit, and the long asphalt boulevard was a glittering, sparkling avenue of wheels.