Asphyxia [noun]

Definition of Asphyxia:

daze, unconsciousness

Synonyms of Asphyxia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asphyxia:

Sentence/Example of Asphyxia:

Madame Rondet has, in the present century, invented a tube to be used in cases of restoration from asphyxia.

It is feared that a sudden rush of science to the female brain would produce asphyxia in the female heart.

During asphyxia by submersion the higher consciousness enters into a minute study of the life now running to its close.

Of course he walked directly into the opening, and was dragged out in a condition of asphyxia.

He had been buried by decomposed rock, and had died from asphyxia.

Animals placed in a globe full of nitrogen perish of asphyxia.

We like much the cheese of the country, and have never suffered asphyxia from it.

The resuscitating of a soul that has gone to asphyxia is no momentary or pleasant process, but a long and terrible one.

As Preyer puts it, the activity of the cerebrum is a sort of respiration, while its repose is a sort of asphyxia of this organ.

With an oil-stove there was always some slight danger of asphyxia, but Rickman loved the piquancy of danger.