Asphyxiating [verb]

Definition of Asphyxiating:

cut off air

Synonyms of Asphyxiating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asphyxiating:

Sentence/Example of Asphyxiating:

In his mind, he says, play constant images of Khashoggi, who evidence indicates was slowly asphyxiated by a team of agents and dismembered with a bone saw.

Pino, my old gardener, thinks this is a bad idea—that it will soot up in no time, asphyxiating the vertebrates below who just want to sit near the fire and read a book.

It is not only that such women do nothing themselves—they slowly asphyxiate their friends, their brothers, or their husbands.

A tablespoonful poured on a cow-chip and rolled down a dog hole will asphyxiate the entire family.

Compression of the vagus nerve may slow the child's pulse and asphyxiate it through lack of oxygen in the blood.

When version has been done haste may compress the head in the tight cervix and asphyxiate the child.

It might precipitate, into the air, gases which would asphyxiate us or cause a general conflagration.

It would be difficult to asphyxiate any one in the open air without leaving any mark of strangulation.

Its fumes, being heavier than air, penetrate the burrows and promptly poison or asphyxiate all living animals and fleas.

Men would lie down on the warm cinders, and while they slumbered, the poisonous gases would asphyxiate them.