Aspirants [noun]

Definition of Aspirants:

person with wish, dream

Synonyms of Aspirants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspirants:


Sentence/Example of Aspirants:

To the precincts of this gilded and splendid society come many sorts and conditions of aspirants.

One especially was greatly beloved by her father and none of the many aspirants to her hand found favor in her eyes.

He was not likely to be rash, or impulsive, or hasty, or to stand in the way of political aspirants.

They die noble—ay, holy deaths, and as they die new aspirants for honor step forward to fill their places.

Here she trained a number of aspirants to histrionic fame, several of whom were destined to make their mark in years to come.

Do they not compete quite as much with American talent as the humbler aspirants of the stage?

We do not allude to the Icarus of old, or any fabulous or remote aspirants, but to modern times.

What distinguishes Milton from the crowd of youthful literary aspirants, audax juventa, is his constancy of resolve.

This, by the way, is the most legible mark of what is vulgarly called "toughness" in youthful aspirants for a bad name.

Their eagerness for the success of the cause largely overbalanced their personal preferences for favorite aspirants.