Aspirations [noun]

Definition of Aspirations:

goal, hope

Synonyms of Aspirations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspirations:

Sentence/Example of Aspirations:

NASA wants to buy some moon rocks, and it’s seeking out companies to make space mining trips so that it can establish a legal framework for its galactic aspirations.

If you choose the right life partner, who understands and supports your aspirations, you can achieve almost anything in life.

So the new agreement seems to be an effort to turn that aspiration into action, and commit the Forest Service to matching the effort.

Verily, though, has aspirations to potentially go further by, for example, integrating data from mobile health devices.

This workshop tapped into the community’s aspiration to build more democratic, cooperative, and equitable algorithmic systems by incorporating participatory methods into their design.

For both StackCommerce and Cosmo, the aspirations for their manufactured shopping holidays are global and very high.

Hide your true intentions and aspirations to be a global power, to take on the United States as a competitor, and bide your time.

I want it to be great, free, and happy, and to shape its own destinies according to its desires and aspirations.

She did not yet know how necessary climbing might be, in her new country life, but her aspirations did not tend that way.

Was it right to fill this woman with romantic aspirations that could never be gratified?