Aspire [verb]

Definition of Aspire:

aim, hope

Synonyms of Aspire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspire:

Sentence/Example of Aspire:

I must aspire to the agitating transports of self-devotion, in scenes of sacrifice and peril!

To imitate finite excellence, is to aspire at excellence, even though but in part.

And why should good men claim for it the character of an ordinance of God, to which even of itself it does not aspire?

He made the profession of a teacher the most honorable calling to which a citizen could aspire.

At a time when money might aspire to everything, the millionaire's dreams had nothing very exorbitant.

Under this rule, it will be noted, that engravers could not aspire to the honours of the Academy.

We aspire to be stockbrokers, merchants, accountants, bankers—while housekeeping finance has become a stock joke.

Gayety, wit, and ingenuity are their ruling character: they aspire not to the sublime; still less to the pathetic.

Once taste clear potato-water, and you will not aspire to drink a strong broth from it.

"Your Majesty imputes to me a presumption of which I am not guilty, in supposing me to aspire so highly," said Oliver.