Aspired [verb]

Definition of Aspired:

aim, hope

Synonyms of Aspired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspired:

Sentence/Example of Aspired:

Here are the winners and losers from a busy night that saw a heartbreaking injury, some surprise picks in the lottery and a number of meaningful trades involving aspiring contenders.

As part of that goal, he aspired to develop his own emblem—a quaternio—as shorthand for how nature is connected.

For aspiring crowd farmers, though, signing on is as easy as signing up on the Complete Farmer website and putting down, for example, $750 per acre on ginger crops.

Whether you’re a founder, investor, engineer, student or an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s where you’ll find the space industry’s most important people across public, private and defense sectors.

Last month, Winiarski’s family foundation gave a $150,000 grant to the Western Colorado Viticulture and Enology Program at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction to create a viticulture center and fund scholarships for aspiring winemakers.

That’s why, despite its early returns, Washington’s defense aspires to be more than the NFL’s leader in a couple of statistical categories.

I first discovered Brooklyn-born Mark Alan Stamaty’s work as a kid and aspiring artist.

Customer experience and digital transformation are two terms we’ve been hearing about for years, but have often remained nebulous in many organizations — something to aspire to perhaps, but not take completely seriously.

A deeply uncertain economy and travel restrictions have put the industry’s hiring on pause, making it an incredibly difficult time to be an aspiring consultant.

Male leaders are offered opportunities to connect with aspiring leaders from underrepresented groups, and invited to serve in executive sponsor roles for employee resource groups.