Aspirins [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aspirins:

Unable to sleep the next morning, I left John to his snoring and went for an aspirin and black coffee.

I do have a little headache; would you happen to have any aspirin aboard?

Jo loaded up with aspirin to deaden a toothache which was worrying her.

"Another aspirin is going to turn my luck," she thought, and therewith swallowed surreptitiously her last tabloid of the panacea.

She swallowed dose after dose of aspirin, until finally, with the first gray streaks of dawn, she at last fell asleep.

He sat down at his desk, passed his tongue over his teeth in distaste, groaned, fumbled in a drawer for the aspirin bottle.

Simon winced at the noise, took the aspirin bottle from its drawer, took two, washed them down with water from the desk carafe.

The notorious adulteration of aspirin may well be urged as establishing a need for a similar exception in its use.

The referees attention has been called to the systematic campaign of advertising aspirin to the public.

We rendered aspirin absolutely harmless and yet retained all its virtues as a medicine.