Assailed [verb]

Definition of Assailed:

attack, usually with words

Synonyms of Assailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assailed:

Sentence/Example of Assailed:

Belief in his own value had never been thus assailed before; that he was indispensable had been an ultimate assurance.

But among the conflicting sensations which assailed her, there was neither shame nor remorse.

As others are, they were assailed from without and within with temptations to fail in their duty; and before those they fell.

Stepping briskly aside, he was up to the table, and his busy blade drove back the man who assailed him across it.

He had therefore little right to expect indulgence from the party which he had unfairly and malignantly assailed.

A perfect torrent of thoughts assailed Henry as he sat crouched on the office steps.

The government was assailed with equal violence from widely different quarters.

They uttered fierce cries, and assailed Young Glory with menaces.

This loneliness caused a feeling of profound depression, and she was assailed by all sorts of gloomy presentiments.

Such was the temptation which assailed the other boys in dormitory Number 7; and Eric among the number.