Assassinations [noun]

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I sat through a ludicrous number of kidnappings, plane crashes and assassination attempts involving various Ewings.

They were not hardcore extremists with a well-developed project such as a bombing or an assassination, the kind of threat FBI agents monitor with intercepts and informants and in chatrooms.

His mother and father were at Ebenezer when they learned of their eldest son’s assassination.

Now, exactly two months before his assassination, he delivered a sermon with an uncannily prescient message.

Johnson later told the Los Angeles Times that the assassination “was one of the most devastating moments in my life.”

Giffords retired from Congress after surviving a 2011 assassination attempt by a gunman.

The sophistication of the assassination, which has been attributed variously to a squad of hit men, car bomb and satellite controlled superweapon, was of the type that takes months of planning.

The hawkish Kayhan newspaper on Sunday called on Iran to strike Haifa, a port city near Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, and inflict “heavy human casualties,” if its role in the assassination could be proved.

Two months after Cardoso’s assassination, all members of the police team working on the case were suspended.

The younger Chissano had been dogged for years by Cardoso’s corruption investigations — three months after Cardoso’s death, Chissano filed a massive defamation lawsuit against Metical — but was never arrested in connection with the assassination.