Assaulted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Assaulted:

They assaulted him with snowballs, pieces of ice, and whatever they could lay their hands upon.

Battle of Landshut; the Austrians assaulted and carried the town with great loss on both sides.

Valencia, in Spain, assaulted by the French under Moncey; they were repulsed with the loss of 1000 men.

I do not deny the attempt on Frick, but the accusation of having assaulted Leishman is not true.

He strongly suspected that the men who had assaulted Mr Heathcote were in some way concerned in the disappearance of his son.

But when it came to being brutally assaulted by Jaffery Chayne, she really thought Barbara would sympathise.

We were coming here to watch for the trains when we were assaulted by the strange hunter, who shot us both.

The second line of the enemy's works was assaulted; but, exasperated by their losses, the Rebels fought fiercely.

They violently assaulted many peers and compelled members of both houses to cry No popery!

Crossing the very threshold of his residence, Jack was suddenly and swiftly assaulted.