Assayer [noun]

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Binding assays are considered less reliable indicators of a vaccine’s power than the two types of neutralizing-antibody assays, but they are simpler, cheaper and faster to perform.

Bud started out next day with three different samples for the assayer, and an air castle or two to keep him company.

The Text-book now offered to the public has been prepared to meet the existing want of a practical "handy book" for the Assayer.

Properly, however, this work should be done by the assayer, if only for the following reason.

The assayer sees to this and (whilst the funnels and filters are being prepared) makes any separation that is necessary.

The pump is only used in exceptional cases; nearly all the filtrations required by the assayer can be made without it.

And on other grounds the determination of a specific gravity is one of the operations with which an assayer should be familiar.

The assayer, as a rule, can select his own standard temperature, and may choose one which will always necessitate warming.

It only forms one family of salts, and of these the chloride and nitrate are of chief importance to the assayer.

The former are pale coloured and of little importance to the assayer.