Assays [noun]

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We’ve gone andproliferated dozens of different assays, which in this case is basically more confusing than helpful.

The issue of standardized antiboday assays is further complicated by the fact that different types of assays may be needed.

So far, each vaccine candidate has been tested using a different procedure—known as an assay— conducted in different labs.

Many of the same issues that bedevil comparing neutralizing antibody assays, apply equally to assays for T-cell responses.

Such antibody assays in mid-April indicated that close to one-in-eight people who had been tested in New York State had antibodies to the new coronavirus.

To determine the denominator for that calculation, “we need national random samples with a large sample size with antibody assays to determine who has been infected,” he said.

Twenty baskets of it were obtained by the said miners to assay and investigate its nature, and determine what it might be.

On being fused with twenty-three libras of lead, nothing was obtained from the said assay.

Thence were taken fifteen baskets of gravel and dirt, which has the color of coal, in order to assay it.

Cash looked up from studying the last assay report of the Burro Lode, and his look was not pleasant.