Assegai [noun]

Definition of Assegai:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Assegai:


Sentence/Example of Assegai:

It was that wrested from Pandulu at the point of the assegai under those same dark forest shades.

From under the suspicious-looking coat was drawn a broad assegai, and he whipped round barely in time to avoid its full stroke.

The sound of voices coming along the river bank, and with it the unmistakable rattle of assegai-hafts.

If he had had an assegai or a stick perhaps the other would not have had things all his own way, he added meaningly.

A sound of deep-toned voices and the rattle of assegai hafts caused both to turn.

The first assegai half ham-strung the buck just under the shoulders, the second must have gone through the heart, or very near it.

Then drawing the assegai from the cloak and keeping it in her hand, she crept on till she came to the back of the hut in safety.

"Take that, you four-legged night thief," he said aloud, and hurled the assegai in his hand straight at her.

He tries to revenge himself by treacherous criticisms, launched, like an assegai, from the bush.

These presently formed into one dense brown mass, with their assegai blades glinting sharply in the rays of the morning sun.