Assembled [adjective]

Definition of Assembled:

put together

Synonyms of Assembled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assembled:

Sentence/Example of Assembled:

While they were doing this, he assembled the officers around him, and the meaning of our night march was explained to us.

Dinner was spread in the cabin of that peerless steamer, the New World, and a splendid company were assembled about the table.

Besides, these are only a few intimate friends who have assembled to celebrate my daughter's fte-day.

A remnant of the long parliament assembled during the anarchy, and has been termed the rump.

On entering the salon, they found several groups already assembled.

The drunken Man staggered to his feet, and hiccupped vehemently in the face of the assembled Gods.

The insurgents were under cover the whole time, and their assembled thousands could hardly be seen by the attacking columns.

In the afternoon we procured a load of water and permitted the natives, thirteen of whom were assembled, to pay us another visit.

The armed Parisians again assembled with cannon around the convention, and demanded the arrest of the Brissotine party.

Was it dutiful for the priests to read it to the people of Israel assembled at their solemn feasts?