Assembling [verb]

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The council of Trent was prorogued for two years; it did not assemble again until 1562.

Sur le confluant des deux rivieres, y avoit la plus belle assemble des Sauvages que j'aye point encore veue.

Le lendemain arrive l grande assemble d'hommes, lesquels danserent leur mode alentour du deced.

Assemble yourselves together, all you, and hear: who among them hath declared these things?

The supper-party were now able to assemble in peace and tolerable quiet; and a very merry party they were.

Ragnfrod sailed with his fleet southward to Stad, for he feared him that the land hosts might assemble and flock to Earl Hakon.

It was their practice to assemble in great numbers every evening, on the open place called the Bull-ring.

When the bell of the belfry shall sound to assemble the Commune, anyone who does not attend shall pay a fine of twelve sous.

They were evidently desirous only of gaining time by negociation to assemble and concentrate their forces.

The most celebrated, that of Hecate, is at Lagina, where every year great multitudes assemble at a great festival.